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Meet Denver

Our Norwich show saw our troupe meet a very strong little boy called Denver…

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Meet Tilly

Tilly was born with an extremely rare condition…

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Meet Guy & Evan

Guy and Evan had lost someone very special to them…

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                    Circus Starr is IncLOOsive!                 We’re changing arts with Changing Places.


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2 days ago

Circus Starr

🌟🎪 Our supporter of the week is..Cotesi UK! 🎪🌟

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7 days ago

Circus Starr

We are celebrating Learning Disability Week 2019 🤩 We roll out Big Top shows that are #inclusive and #accessible to those who are usually restricted from live art events as we believe everyone deserves the right to be #included! 🎪🤹‍♀️ #LDW19 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Circus Starr



WOW! We have loved this tour!!!! We have seen some old faces, and some new, but they have all amazed us with their skills 🥰 We've laughed, smiled and cheered!

This talented bunch do it all...They build up our magical Big Top every other day and hold two performances the day after 🤩🎪. Not only that, they help us be INCLUSIVE.

They help us with our touch tours by meeting audience members prior to the show. This is so that people can feel their costumes and props, enhancing their experience when the show is happening.

They hand out our ear defenders in case our show is a little too loud for those who are more sensitive to the volume in the Big Top.

They put out our wheelchair matting so that our wheelchair users can get easy access into the tent.

They sign our finale song, SHOUT CIRCUS STARR, so that everyone can learn the British Sign Language interpretation.

And finally, they help families make special memories that can last a life time.


Thank you all 😘
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1 week ago

Circus Starr


Our Spring tour has come to an end and we wanted to thank every single member of the Circus Starr team here at our Head Quarters in Cheshire!

Our Fundraising Team call all of the businesses who kindly support our show. They work tirelessly so that we can offer vulnerable children tickets to our magical event. Without them we simply couldn't do what we do, and we think they are amazing! Thank you guys 🥰

Our Admin Team are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our shows! They book the sites, post the tickets, handle the accounts, help our audience and make our shows more inclusive. Thanks for being the dream team.

Our Directors make it happen! Thank you Neville, Simon and Michelle 🤩 Our Fundraising Director Michelle is at the hub of Circus Starr HQ. From hanging our audiences art work to supporting all of our team day in day out - she is a superstarr! Thank you ⭐️

Today we celebrate with cakes, and look forward to our Autumn tour!
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Autumn Tour Announcement!

Individual ticket request applications are now open! These tickets are for individual families who do not receive tickets via a local school or organisation.

We can't wait to see you there 🎪🌟

Please apply via this link: https://t.co/rKhskMqWlP

Just one act of kindness makes a difference #Cortech are able to help 35 underprivileged children & children with disabilities run away to the circus & forget their troubles for a day by sponsoring @CircusStarr a touring circus boasting world-class artists from across the globe

We are celebrating Learning Disability Week 2019!

We roll out Big Top shows that are #inclusive and #accessible to those who are usually restricted from live art events as we believe everyone deserves the right to be #included! 🎪🤹‍♀️ #LDW19



Thank you to every single business that took our call and chose to make a donation!

☎️We look forward to calling you all again next year!📱


It's World Continence Week! It’s estimated that between 3-6 million Brits experience some form of bladder weakness every single day making access to appropriate toilets really important. Let's break the toilet taboo! #LetsPeeHonest #incLOOsion #ChangingPlaces

"Your show always means so much to our families who are often in a sad and stressful time in their lives; you lighten hearts and provide a much-needed distraction from daily worries and concerns."

Barnardo's Midlands

"The staff are kind, accommodating and understanding so everyone can just forget their worries under the magical spell of the starry canopy"

Down Syndrome Support Group (Huddersfield)

"It isn't always easy to find an event that caters for families where there is a child with a disability / additional needs."

Children and Young People's Disability Partnership (Stockport)

"Live performance is a fantastic experience especially for young people with Autism as no language is required so it is very accessible."

National Autistic Society (Cardiff)

"Circus Starr allows our Young Carers to attend an activity with their families, which they don't often get to do. It's a chance for them to have a break from caring."

Young Carers (Bristol)

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