Abi, aged 7, became a starr of the show when she attended our performance!

She received tickets to Circus Starr as she has Epilepsy, ADHD and Autism.

Her Mum, Jo, told us how things can often be challenging.

“We carry rescue medicine at all times, our daughter behaves a few years younger than she is, so when we go to things with age limits, people put her in older groups than what she would enjoy. Abi doesn’t have a great attention span or focus but if she is enjoying something she can get very excited.”

We’re pleased to say that our event was the perfect place for Abi, and Jo, to come along, relax, and have fun.

“We had to keep her in her seat with lots of popcorn so that she would give the show a try, and once engaged, she loved it! It was very inclusive and the fact that it was relaxed performance meant we could relax a bit too as everyone in the audience would totally understand any child’s behaviour without judgement.”

Jo explained how Circus Starr was a great experience for the whole family.

“It was a lovely trip out that interested us all. It was something positive for us to get excited about that was designed to put less stress on us, and a great opportunity for our daughter to have a great evening out with us. It’s a lovely thing to organise a circus event for children who might find many other entertainments a bit too hard to concentrate on, and this was pitched at just the right level.”

Abi even ended up joining our troupe on stage to dance at the end of our show.

Jo told us about the moment. “I think she loved to get up with all of the dancers and the singing, she looked so happy and loves getting involved in things like that. We sometimes do kitchen discos so she loved joining in with the show.”

It is wonderful to hear that Abi was inspired to get involved in our performance!

You can help children like Abi make magical memories at our show. It is easy to donate, simply complete the forms enclosed, call 01260 288690 or email donations@circus-starr.org.uk .

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