Circus Starr is excited to be back on the road with our Big Top show!

As usual, these performances are inclusive meaning that children with disabilities and additional learning needs can come along and have fun – not matter what their abilities may be.

Our Spring 2023 tour welcomes talent from all over the globe, so let’s meet our wonderful troupe…

Mariska Gandey – Our Ring Mistress and Foot Juggler!

The ringmistress is stood in the circus ring. She is holding a microphone in her left hand. She is wearing a long red coat that featured gold appliques. She has long brown curly hair and a red hat that features silver diamantes.

Buster – Our hilarious Clown!

The clown is standing in front of the red circus curtains with his arms open and a big smile on his face. He has face make up that consists of a red nose, and white bottom lip. He is wearing a red cap that has his name 'Buster' written on it in different coloured bold letters. He is wearing tartan suit that has various different badges attached to his blazer.

Ashkat – Thrills on the Straps!

The image looks up towards the top of the big top, which has a blue canopy with white stars in different sizes. Hanging from the top of the tent are two blue straps. There is a man (named Ashkat) holding himself in the air on the straps. He has black trousers with diamantes running along the seam and a silky blue shirt.

Danyer & Rita – Roller Skating!

A man (named Danyer) is wearing black trousers, with a black belt, and a black top that has silver diamantes dotted on the top half. He has his right arm pointing outwards and he is holding a woman up in the air with his left arm. Rita is balancing with her arms and legs held out. She is wearing nude rollerskates with white wheels and a red leotard that features a red skirt. She has brown hair and is wearing red lipstick.

The Kenyan Warriors – Limbo and Acrobatic Skills!

A group of acrobatics are balancing on each other inside of the circus ring. There are six men that are holding each other in different positions, it makes the man at the top of the group is waving his arms in the air like he has wings. The audience are sat in the seats around the ring.

Jesus – The Cloud Swing!

A man (named Jesus) with brown hair is standing in the circus ring. He is wearing a black top that featured a line of diamantes and black trousers. He has his left arm raised into the air.

Rita – Performs gracefully on the Aerial Chandelier!

A woman (named Rita) is hanging on a large white chandelier high up in the roof of the big top tent. The chandelier has delicate strands of jewels hanging from the top. The woman has brown hair featuring a yellow bow and is wearing a yellow leotard with material handing from it.

And our fabulous dancers…The Circettes!

A group of dancers pose in front of red circus curtains. There are four women wearing bejewelled costumes that are blue and orange. The girls on each have an arm raised pointing upwards.


Our Big Top will travel around the Northern half of the country until the 25th June, when our last show will take place in Worcester.

But don’t worry – we will return with our Autumn tour in September which is taking place in southern towns.

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