Eleven year old Aj is a regular at Circus Starr, attending our magical show annually when we visit his community.

Aj has a number of disabilities, including cerebral palsy, and is a wheelchair user. His Mum, Emily, told us how it can be challenging in day to day life.

“Days out take a LOT of planning and usually need one or two spare pairs of hands to come along. Unfortunately, not everywhere is accessible so there’s a lot of stress prior to the day out, working out where to go and parking arrangements etc. Aj’s sensory processing problems mean he can get very overwhelmed in crowded/loud spaces.”

Having tickets for Circus Starr meant that Emily didn’t have to worry as she prepared for their family outing.

“It was relaxed. I knew the venue was accessible, there were lots of lights and things for Aj to see! I didn’t have to stress about planning our visit!”

When we asked Emily if our show had an impact on her family, she gave a resounding yes!

“It absolutely did! We LOVED it. We felt like we ‘belonged’ there. Aj’s chair wasn’t an issue, chairs were moved to accommodate us and the staff were brilliant. My favourite moment was seeing Aj’s little face light up when he watched the lady with the flashing hoops! He was so excited!”

A woman is using light up hula hoops aka sensory hoops

Aj was able to make precious memories with his family after receiving free tickets to our event, which Emily was grateful to receive.

“Thank you so much to the supporters of Circus Starr! It was lovely to have a nice evening out together, with laughs and smiles for everyone! The donations you make towards the circus coming to town is truly invaluable for families like mine.”

If you would like to make a difference in your community you can donate now! Simply click here, email donations@circus-starr.org.uk or call 01260 288690.


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