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We are passionate about developing our future generations here at BWB, which stems from a trait of our managing director and the opportunities he was given early in life that have given him the experience to be in the position he is now.

Involved already in the local community through not-for-profit business mentoring programmes for students and local cadet force instructors, our team jumped at the chance to support Circus Starr when a sponsorship opportunity presented itself.

The values and mission of Circus Starr really resonate with our company, and the opportunity to sponsor a local event that offers an exciting, fun, and varied evening of entertainment that, most important,  is also completely inclusive was not to be missed.

Of course, developing our future generations is not all we do. Since 2007, BWB Technologies has been the leading manufacturer of analytical-based instruments, producing and exporting a Flame photometer to over 120 countries worldwide. Our award-winning instruments analyse Lithium, Barium, Potassium, Calcium, and Sodium simultaneously, making them the first Flame Photometers on the market to do so.

The BWB flame photometer is not only the best flame photometer available, but it is also the first true alternative to AAS (atomic absorption spectrometry) and ICP (induced coupling plasma) for measuring Lithium Li, Sodium Na, Potassium K, Calcium Ca, and Barium Ba. BWB Technologies is a UK-based company that specialises in the design, manufacture, and sale of award-winning flame photometers.

We strive to create high quality, cost effective products that redefine what is possible with a low temperature flame by utilising an Anglo-American team of leading industry specialists.

BWB Technologies has successfully introduced a series of flame photometer products and accessories that exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality, and value for money from our manufacturing plant in Newbury, England.

For more information please visit:

Website: www.bwbtech.com

Email: info@bwbtech.com

Phone: 01787 273 451

BWB Technologies

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