Our visit to Liverpool saw us welcome Connor, aged nine, to our show and touch tour.

He is an aspiring Youtuber and loves computers, gaming and Star Wars!

Although Connor doesn’t have a visual impairment, his Mum Kat thought the touch tour may be beneficial as he has a sensory processing disorder, ASD and strong anxiety.

Kat was right, and she told us why they both found the interactive project helpful.

“It was lovely to meet the performers and see how friendly they all are and how beautiful the costumes were. It helped him to see the props too so he could understand what they were and how they were used. His favourite was Ross and his diabolo and juggling.”

A trip to the circus is a rare event for the family due to Connor’s conditions, as his Mum explains.

“Connor finds it hard to go on days out due to becoming overloaded very easily. This can cause him to run away or have meltdowns. He can get overwhelmed by smells, noise and different environments or people. He’s a very anxious little man the majority of the time and helping him feel safe is our main goal while we’re out. We felt excited and happy and safe (at Circus Starr). We joined in lots and Connor even stood up and danced to the music, it was nice to see him so at ease and to let loose.”

We are so happy that Connor could relax and be himself in our magical world, the perfect place for him to forget about all of his troubles outside of our Big Top.

“Connor had been feeling sad a lot recently and a bit lonely. He’s struggling to settle into this year at school and all the changes happening. He was so happy in the show I’ll admit I had a bit of a tear in my eye watching him beam with joy.”


“For days after he was talking non-stop about it and how much he liked it and who his favourite performers were. It was also nice to be a family and have as close to an experience as we can of a normal family outing.”

For many a trip to our show is more than watching our breath-taking artists. It is spending special time together as a family, making memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Speaking to parents like Kat can show just how much of an impact our inclusive event can have on children like Connor.

“Its amazing what it can do for our kids. For them to feel included and be able to be themselves without fear of being judged, have unhelpful comments or ‘the look’ is so refreshing. Thank you to everyone for making it possible.”

If you would like to help children like Connor a one-off donation is all it takes. Call 01260 288690 or email donations@circus-starr.org.uk to make a difference today.

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