Huné loves reading, singing and is obsessed with her Wizzybug wheelchair, which looks like a car!

The two-year-old has a muscle weakening condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1, and thanks to a new drug is making great progress and beating her original life expectancy of 18 months.

After receiving tickets from the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice parents Zeedee and Ben had a chance to finally experience a circus without having to worry if it was suitable for Huné.

Mum Zeedee told us about her experience at our show.

“It was amazing, I’m so happy that we managed to get tickets. It was respite for both the parents/carers and their children.

It was refreshing to know that we weren’t alone, everyone at the circus had their own battles and differences. It was nice to feel like we were all there just for enjoyment. It was a safe place and we felt like we could leave at any time if Huné was distressed or needed some space.

Thank you so much to the businesses who funded our tickets, because of you my daughter was able to see a circus without me having to worry about it being accessible”

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