Lewis, aged 8, came along to a touch tour prior to our show.

As he is on the autistic spectrum his Mum, Gemma, thought he would benefit from attending the project where he could meet our performers and feel their props.

“Lewis is a sensory seeker, so it was great for him to be able to engage in activities with the circus entertainers. It allowed him to be calmer when it came to sitting down for the show” she told us.

Our team love the chance to interact with the children at our touch tours and Lewis took full advantage of this opportunity, as his Mum explains.

“He is very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions which the entertainers were happy to answer, they took the time to have a proper conversation with him. Everyone at Circus Starr was so friendly and welcoming, they made an effort to engage with all the children.”

But it wasn’t only the touch tour that made us different, Gemma felt that the show itself was more inclusive than other events.

“The environment was very Autism friendly and well set out. There were lots of acts and the timing of show were well thought out.” She told us, adding that it was “calmer, more welcoming and just less stressful for the whole family.”

Its great to hear that our show and touch tour helped Lewis! We look forward to answering more of his questions next year.

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