Max is an active little boy who loves hide and seek, swimming, and going to the park.

He visited our show after having a difficult Christmas with his family.

His Mum, Lucy, told us what the 4 year old had been through.

“Max unfortunately broke his arm two weeks before Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve he became very unwell with kidney concerns. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in hospital with lots of investigations which was very stressful for Max, and us to watch as parents. Although we were sad we couldn’t spend Christmas at home as a family with his older brother, the hospital made sure we still had a special day. He was later admitted to hospital again on New Years Eve.”

The hospital staff were obviously impressed with how well Max handled his visit, as they gave him tickets for our upcoming show.

“Max felt super proud that the doctor gave him tickets for been brave in the hospital and that he would get to go to the circus. With him having a broken arm and his kidney concerns we had been avoiding anything too energetic so the Circus was great.” Lucy explained.

After a stressful time over Christmas we are so glad that we were able to give Max and his family a chance to have some well deserved fun!

“We were welcomed by lovely staff at the entrance and our children were very excited to have a family evening together with Mummy and Daddy. After losing lots of family days over Christmas with been in hospital and at appointments it was lovely to do something all together”

It is thanks to the very kind support that we receive from businesses that we can provide families with the opportunity to make precious memories together.

Lucy has a message for our supporters. “Thank you for putting a smile on our faces after a very stressful month, and a Christmas we didn’t plan on having. This was something very special for us to remember as a family.”

To help families make magical memories together at our shows make a donation to Circus Starr today. Call 01260 288690, email donations@circus-starr.org.uk or donate online here.

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