We had the pleasure of making Rosa, aged 11, part of our team when she became the starr of The Circus Starr Sensory Story video.

Rosa has a progressive brain disease called Canavans Disease that is incurable. Her Mum Amy advised us that “she is not expected to have a very long life.”

Her disability means that she has no verbal communication and limited physical capabilities, but that doesn’t stop her having a naughty sense of humour that her Mum says helps them get through the “tricky moments.”

Rosa attended the circus with her family, including her brother Ithan, who was excited to see his first ever circus. Amy told us about their experience at our show.

“We felt like guests of honour, it was very special. The show was exciting, mesmerising and hilarious, everything a circus should be. We had front row seats and Rosa was able to experience everything close up which often isn’t possible for a wheelchair user. Everybody had a different favourite act and we laughed a lot.”

Prior to the show itself Rosa had helped us with some filming for the storytelling stage of our sensory story video. We were able to enhance our sensory accessibility in this way thanks to a collaboration with sensory specialist, Joanna Grace.

Rosa’s involvement really brought our project to life and she has since gone on to win an award for her involvement in helping other children with disabilities! Her Mum was more than happy for the family to be involved.

“Anticipation is a big thing for Rosa and we loved building up to visiting the circus as a family learning the song and signs together. We were really honoured that Rosa was working with Jo Grace, and so proud of Rosa being a part of the story, helping to build other children’s anticipation and share the joy. She loved being a little part of the Circus Starr team for the day.”

Like all of the children who attend our event, Rosa and her family received tickets thanks to the generous donations we received from our business supporters.

“It was great to be invited and have free tickets as we might not have braved a full on circus as a family otherwise. Thank you.”

You can help children like Rosa attend our event by donating towards the cost of their tickets, and you can even help them prepare for our event by funding a sensory story pack for £5. If you would like to help please call 01260 288690 or email donations@circus-starr.org.uk.

To find out more about The Circus Starr Sensory Story and watch Rosa in our video please click here.

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