Our patron Sarah Gordy MBE is an inspiration to many.

The stage and screen actress has been an advocate for Circus Starr for many years, and as a successful woman in the arts industry she proudly puts her professional identity before her disability.

She states on her website, “I’m a professional actor, dancer and model. I have Down’s syndrome but that is not all I am.”

You may have seen some of Sarah’s work recently as she featured in season 3 of the BBC programme ‘The A Word’. The show has been praised for its inclusivity, with its main storyline focusing on Joe who has autism and supporting characters Ralph and Katie (played by Sarah) who have Down Syndrome.

Sarah has very kindly shared a blog post about her life in lockdown with us, as well as some behind the scenes images from her time on ‘The A Word’.

“Hi, This is a little blog about my life in Lockdown. I have a daily routine starting with breakfast and exercising to YouTube videos. I want to keep my weight controlled and keep strong.

My mum and I share the housework, the other day learned how to cook a country fruit cake.

Our daily walk is where the fun begins, in the 1980s there was a big storm, it made a lot of trees fall over but they kept living with half their roots in the soil. They look great now. This is “George” the alien, my favourite. Meet Mr Covid, I use a sock, when we go walking, to open gates and touch things, when I get home it goes straight into the washing machine. Sometimes when I meet little kids who know me from CBeebies Mr Covid speaks to them.

By lunchtime we are a bit tired so we have our lunch on a tray and watch TV for an hour.

After lunch we have most of our Meetings with colleagues and friends and I have to work on my drama stuff and social media.Social Media has been crazy busy because of Katie and Ralph’s wedding in The A Word. There are some behind the scenes photos of me and Lean Harrop who plays my new “husband” and a few others.”

We would like to thanks Sarah for sharing her IMT Lockdown Blog post with us.


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