We are Topguard Feeds, part of the Topguard Kennels. We are a family run business with a love and passion for breeding South African Boerboels based in Horsham, West Sussex. We have been bringing top quality Boerboels into the world since 2003, so it goes without saying, we have spent considerable time and effort researching and fine tuning the diets of our many generations of dogs to ensure maximum health and well-being.

Alongside breeding, working, and showing our dogs, conditioning our Boerboels is of utmost importance. Over the years many of us have become more conscious about what we eat, so it’s only right that we adopt the same approach for our pets. With a lifetime of experience behind us, it seemed only natural, that the next step, was for us to produce our own brand of award-winning dog food.

Our goal was to create a range of affordable, nutritious dog food, to suit all types, ages and breeds of dog with various dietary requirements. Each range of dog food has a specialised formula for puppies, senior, large and small dogs with a variety of tasty recipes to cater for all budgets, from our base working dog kibble all the way up to our complete Elite dog food range.

For more information please visit:

Website: www.topguardfeeds.co.uk

Topguard Feeds

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