We are so excited to have a catch up with a Circus Starr favourite!

Andreea has joined our troupe several times over the years on both our Big Top and indoor theatre tours, helping us spread joy to those most disadvantaged and vulnerable throughout the UK.

On our most recent Big Top tour in 2019 her cheeky antics filled our tent with laughter – but not only that- she also supported our visually impaired audience members at our preshow touch tours.

On International Women’s Day 2021 we are thrilled to share our Q&A with Andreea, the only female clown in the UK…

Andreea performing in the Circus Starr Big Top in 2009

Hello Andreea! We have seen you at Circus Starr various times over the years, but when did you join the circus?

I became a clown 13 years ago. The circus has been in my family for many generations and it has always been in my heart.

How does it feel to be the only female clown in the UK?

I never look at it as I am the only female clown in the UK as I am just doing what I do. But when I think about, it does feel pretty good knowing that!

You obviously love the work that you do, what is your favourite thing about the job?

I get to travel all over the world and make people smile and forget about all their worries. I love my job every day.

What is the hardest thing about the job?

The hardest part about my job is…nothing! I honestly would have to say nothing is so hard because I just love it. Especially when a performance is over and I can see how much the audience members have had fun and enjoyed the show.

As a clown you get to have lots of fun in the ring – what is your favourite gag?

My favourite is the camera gag because I get to work with the public. The audience participation helps me to bring more joy and smiles to others and its great to involve them in the show – I love to see their different reactions.

Sadly circus shows can’t go ahead at the moment because of the pandemic, so what have you been up to in lockdown?

I have been doing a lot of home schooling with my two beautiful boys. I am trying to keep myself busy, so I have been exercising and looking for new gags for my act in the future.

That sounds exciting! What are you most looking forward to doing when things do get back to normal?

I am so excited for the curtains to open on the first show and to be back in the ring doing what I love the most, which is being a clown. To hear the music and see the audience and make them smile – I can’t wait!!!

Hopefully you will be back in the Big Top soon! We know how passionate you are about performing, what advice would you give to any girls that you have inspired that may want to become a clown?

I would say go for it! Nothing should ever stop you doing what makes you happy.

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