Case Studies

Parents, carers and children talk about the positive and lasting impact our circus has made on their lives.


Daniel has a chromosome disorder leaving him with major developmental issues, he is also on the autistic spectrum. Read More

Sarah's Boys

I have two disabled boys who have asd, adhd, sensory and language difficulties and mobility issues. They are amazing kids but life can be isolating for them ... Read More


Alex knows how to enjoy himself as much as any six-year-old boy. However, he has a developmental delay which means his functioning is more comparable to that of a three-year-old. As a res... Read More


Joseph is on the autistic spectrum meaning he is hyper-sensitive to loud noises and nervous of crowds and unknown situations. Read More


"Taking a child with special needs out for a trip can often be stressful [explains Bradley's mum Nicky] ...people often stare and make comments which can be very hurtful." Read More

Drew and Taylor

Siblings Drew (6) and Taylor (4) both have autism but are are at very different scales on the spectrum meaning it's very hard to arrange whole-family outings that will keep everyone happy! Read More

Lucy and Ben

Lucy has severe Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy, and Ben has ASD and is also epileptic. Read More


Jonathan attended the show with his mum ... he is autistic and has limited speech. Read More


Louise is 14 and has Rett Syndrome meaning she is non-verbal. But she knows what she likes… and she thoroughly enjoyed Circus Starr! Read More


Charlotte is a happy-go-lucky 15-year-old girl, with a great sense of humour and an independent spirit. Six years ago, Charlotte was diagnosed with Ullrich’s Congenital Muscular Distrophy... Read More

Tracey's Boys

Tracey struggles to go out to places with her three boys when her partner is working away especially as one of her sons, Charlie, has Down's syndrome and needs constant guidance and support Read More


Alfie had a ball with sister Saffron and friend Oliver when they attended the circus in Northampton. He has global developmental delay, epilepsy and autism and was given tickets by Daisy Cha... Read More


Bradley enjoyed the circus immensely, which resulted in him behaving to the best of his ability (surprising even himself!) Read More


Six year old Jensen suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, speech delay and hyper sensitive hearing. He struggles with many social activities, making and maintaining friendships, new situations... Read More


Ten year old Aaron is on the autistic spectrum and has ADHD. Read More


Catherine suffers from Pierpont Syndrome, a condition so rare that there are only four other children in the country known to have it. She has delays in her development, co-ordination probl... Read More


Stacie was born with Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder that brings medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, developmental delays and learning disabilities. In particular Staci... Read More


Owen suffers from autism and global development delay (GDD). Children with GDD have not reached key developmental milestones such as motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills. Read More

Henry and Ollie

Henry and Ollie are being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Ward 84 at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Although their initial intensive treatment has now finished, the... Read More


Emily is 7 years old and has Autism, making events hard for her to attend. Read More

Daniel and Sophie

Daniel and Sophie have attended the Cheshire Academy since they were 18 months old. Daniel was born with Cerebral Palsy and Sophie has learning difficulties. Read More


Kerry Hadley is a single mum of five children, three of whom have cerebral palsy. When her husband tragically died two years ago, she turned to local family charity Home-Start for support... Read More


Niki Graham is a 27 year old mum of four; Dylan (8), Charlie (6), Millie (2) and Leah (9 months). Her son Charlie was born just one month after she first moved to Newcastle six years ago. Read More


Eight year old Callum is autistic and recently attended the circus with his brother and sister ... Read More

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